Greetings and welcome!

Wellness Piano Lessons focus on holistic student engagement -- playing the songs you love, nurturing the art of composition, and using the process of learning piano as a way of strengthening life skills such as discipline, stress management, and self-expression.

How I teach:

1) Initial Musical Assessment: We begin with a consultation to understand your music background and other key information so I can create an individualized plan.

2) Individualized Lesson Plans: Each week is constructed to achieve an optimal balance of all areas of musicianship (reading, tone production, accuracy, and performance skills)

3) Technique Advice: Learn to tackle tricky passages, stay injury-free, and play with proper form. Improving your technique will lead to more efficient practice and enjoyment!

4) Continual Support: Tweaks and adjustments can be made to iterate to lesson plans. Students are encouraged to provide feedback about their daily practice/training.

Wellness Piano Lessons is an active, engaged community of students in Orange County, including areas of Irvine, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Tustin.  Lessons are offered to the aspiring, novice, and pro.  


The core principals are:

  • Build a solid foundation of music fundamentals (note-reading, rhythm, musical interpretation, and technique) that can be a gateway to understanding other instruments 

  • Flexible approach to repertoire selection (a mixture of classical literature and other genres)

  • To create and write your own music

  • Learning about effective practice strategies to be a self-guided musician

  • Accepting the challenge to do high-quality work

  • Stress-reduction performance skills and fostering a lifelong love for music

Wellness Piano Lessons is affiliated with the Music Teachers' Association of California, so students can participate in the Certificate of Merit piano program, music festivals, and studio recitals. I have personally passed all levels of CM (up to Advanced Panel) and serve as an evaluator for the CM tests.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Wellness Piano Lessons. I'd love to welcome you to the piano family!


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